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About us

Wildman Bespoke LTD is an independent company and not associated or affiliated with Rolex SA, Audemars Piguet SA, Patek Philippe SA or any other manufacturers. Wildman Bespoke LTD operates in a completely unofficial capacity. Wildman Bespoke LTD, company number 11607336 is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

Changes to the Terms

Wildman Bespoke LTD reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time. Please check this page for the most current edition.

Warranty and Guarantees

Wildman provide a five year international warranty and a two year guarantee on coating of our watches from the date of purchase. The warranty and guarantee covers parts and labour for issues occurring from normal wearing conditions. It does not cover accidental damage, issues relating to shock, abnormal use, or failure to comply with the recommended water-resistant control. If the watch has been opened or modified by an unauthorized person, Wildman will no longer honour its guarantee. All warranties and guaranties are the sole responsibility of Wildman Bespoke LTD and not the original watch brand manufacturer. The original watch manufacturers warranty will be void and not valid.

All Wildman customised watches are sourced from respected dealers and undergo stringent testing and thorough quality checks during the customisation process.

Wildman have made great efforts to try and ensure any computer generated graphics are as realistic as possible. Nevertheless, some alterations and differences might appear with the final product. Those differences might be caused by the settings of your navigator or your computer such as the intensity and distortion of colours through a backlit screen.

Where Wildman Bespoke LTD produce a commission using imagery or content provided by a customer, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have ownership of the IP (Intellectual Property) and/or relevant approval or permissions to use that content.

The production time outlined is to be taken as a guide, we do however endeavour to complete all commissions in the timescales quoted. Any timescales provided will commence once Wildman are in receipt of full funds for your order. (At which point the production process will commence) You will be updated immediately if your commission is delayed, due to unforeseen circumstances, and a revised completion date will be provided.

Due to the individual nature of each order, a commission cannot be cancelled once a job is in production. A commission will be deemed to be in production when full funds are received by Wildman.

For clarity, when a watch goes into production, the specific timepiece for your customisation, is acquired and the individual works involved with your project are commenced.

Wildman Bespoke LTD reserves the right to amend listed prices without notice.

If you have any queries, complaints or comments about our products or services please contact Wildman on 02070997004 or email:

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